Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Performances

Some news about few concerts coming up over the next two weeks. On Thursday, April 28, the as-yet-unnamed bass clarinets/electronics group will be joined by bass clarinetist Christoph Erb (visiting from Lucerne) and Paul Giallorenzo on synthesizer.

The following day, I'll head down to the Hyde Park Art Center to play a solo piece offering a musical interpretation of the Void, along with some other soloists, as part of Conrad Freiburg's exhibition It Is What It Isn't. Be sure to check out the exhibition itself, which runs until June 26.

The following weekend, trumpeter Joe Moffett will be visiting from New York. We'll play as part of a quartet at Heaven Gallery on Saturday the 7th with Brian Labycz and Marc Riordan. Joe and I will perform duos at Myopic on the following Monday.

Here are the specifics:

Thursday, April 28
Elastic Arts
10pm, donation suggested


Frank Rosaly - solo percussion



Keefe Jackson - bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
JK - bass clarinet
Brian Labycz - modular synth
Jason Stein - bass clarinet

with special guests:
Christoph Erb - bass clarinet (Lucerne)
Paul Giallorenzo - synthesizer

Friday, April 29

Performing a solo piece interpreting the Void, along with pieces by Jason Ajemian, Frank Van Duerm and others.

part of Conrad Freiburg's exhibition It Is What It Isn't

Saturday, May 7
Heaven Gallery
10pm, donation suggested


JK - bass clarinet
Brian Labycz - modular synth
Joe Moffett - trumpet (NYC)
Marc Riordan - piano



Caroline Davis - saxophone
Tony Barba - saxophone
Patrick Breiner - saxophone
Dave Miller - guitar

Monday, May 9
Myopic Books
7:30pm, FREE


JK - bass clarinet
Joe Moffett - trumpet

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