Thursday, October 6, 2016

distance from you & distance from each other

On Thursday, October 20, I'll be part of a Parlour Tapes+ curated concert at the Comfort Station, performing two new works:


Jane Ate Soup
a no-instrument symphony and/or ensemble theater piece
co-created by Deidre Huckabay and Jessica Anne

honoring the onstage death of Jane Little
bassist in the Atlanta Symphony
and holder of the world record for longest professional tenure
in an orchestra
(what a way
what a way
what a way to go
go on now)
with performances by people you love
Lia Kohl, Michael Lewanski, Jess Aszodi, Jeff Kimmel, Zach Moore
and others

distance from you & distance from each other
a piece about pneumatic engineering
and dad texts
(here are your tax returns
here are pictures of some of the bottles
here is the contact for Susie)
with a spiritual undertone
or overtone
created using flutes, clarinets
vinyl tubes, ceramic tile, wicker rattles
and other trash
composed by Sam Scranton
with Deidre Huckabay and Jeff Kimmel
and performed by Sam, Deidre, and Jeff

the goal is to honor everyone
and ourselves

the program is maybe an hour long
including intermission


Thursday, October 20 - 7:30pm
Parlour Tapes+ presents: Jane Ate Soup by Deidre Huckabay and Jessica Anne, and distance from you & distance from each other, co-created with Deidre Huckabay and Sam Scranton @ Comfort Station

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