(in Chicago unless otherwise noted)

Sunday, April 28 - 8:30pm @ Constellation with Heather Frasch, opening for Anne La Berge

Sunday, May 5 - 8:30pm
Ryan Packard's Music for Lying Down and Breathing (with Myra Hinrichs and Lia Kohl) @ Constellation. Split bill with John McCowen

Tuesday, May 7 - 8pm
Current Conditions (Andrew Tham/JK) @ Elastic Arts as We Series' Sleep


Thursday, March 21 - 7:30pm @ Fulton Street Collective. Music by Yvonne Wu, Charlie Sdraulig, Peter Ablinger, Morgan Evans-Weiler, and Christian Wolff

Thursday, March 14 - 7pm
Ryan Packard's Music for Lying Down and Breathing (with Myra Hinrichs and Lia Kohl) @ Comfort Station

Wednesday, February 20 - 8pm @ Logan Center. Portrait concert of music by Catherine Lamb, part of the Frequency Fest.

Wednesday, January 23 - 9pm
Eli Namay's Sound Mass @ Cafe Mustache

Thursday, January 17 - 8pm @ Narloch Piano Studio. Music by Pauline Oliveros, Jane Dickson, Linda Catlin Smith and the premiere of a new trio by Nomi Epstein


Friday, November 30 - 8:30pm @ Elastic, performing works by Linda Catlin Smith, Makiko Nishikaze, Jürg Frey and a new piece for ensemble by me with 3D video by Kim Alpert.  Opening set by Julie Pomerleau, Hanna Brock and Whitney Johnson.

Monday, October 29 - 7:30pm
Duo with Bill Harris @ Myopic Books

Sunday, October 14 - 8:30pm @ Constellation. Carol Genetti opens.

Thursday, October 11 - 9pm
with Andrew Clinkman and Jason Roebke @ Elastic

Sunday, October 7 - 9pm
with Carol Genetti and Greg Kelley @ Hungry Brain

Saturday, October 6 - 8pm
Ryan Packard work for clarinets, amateur choir and subwoofer @ High Concept Labs

Thursday, September 6 - 7:30pm
Solo @ Comfort Station. Billie Howard also performs a solo set.

Saturday, July 7 - 9pm
Marvin Tate's Kitchen Sink - CD Release Show @ Hungry Brain

Thursday, July 5 - 9pm

Keefe Jackson's Likely So @ Elastic

Tuesday, June 5 - 9pm
Trio with Carol Genetti and Graham Stephenson @ Ratchet Series, Cafe Mustache

Sunday, May 20 - 9pm
with Jacob Wick, Jason Roebke, Ryan Packard and Phil Sudderberg @ Hungry Brain

Monday, May 14 - 7:30pm
Solo and Trio with Eli Namay and Phil Sudderberg @ Option Series, ESS

Thursday, April 26 - 9:30pm

with Marvin Tate's Kitchen Sink @ California Clipper

Sunday, April 22 - 8:30pm performs music of Emmanuelle Waeckerlé @ Constellation

Sunday, April 15 - 8:30pm performs with Kunsu Shim and Gerhard Staebler @ Constellation

Friday, April 13 - 8pm
Trio with Eli Namay and Phil Sudderberg @ One Spirit, Rockford, IL

Monday, March 26 - 9pm
Trio with Eli Namay and Phil Sudderberg @ Elastic

Sunday, March 18 - 9pm
Trio with Eli Namay and Phil Sudderberg @ the Hungry Brain

Friday, March 2 - 8pm concert guest curated by Jennie Gottschalk, author of Experimental Music Since 1970 @ Elastic Arts

Friday, February 16 - 7pm
Sunday, February 18 - 7pm
Thursday, February 22 - 7pm
Saturday, February 24 - 7pm
Ayako Kato's stück 1998 / anchor 2018 @ Links Hall

Thursday, February 15 - 7:30pm

Trio with Eli Namay and Phil Sudderberg @ Slate Arts

Friday, January 19 - 8:30pm performs with Christian Wolff @ Elastic Arts

Friday, January 12 - 8pm
Trio with Eli Namay and Phil Sudderberg @ One Spirit, Rockford, IL


Sunday, October 22 - 3:30pm performs Time With People @ University of Iowa

Friday, October 6 - 7:30pm
Performing Galina Ustvolskaya's Trio for clarinet, violin and piano as part of the Chicago Ustvolskaya Festival @ Logan Center, U of C

Friday, September 22 - 7pm performs Time With People @ Beloit College

Wednesday, August 9 - 8:30pm
Splice Series with Katinka Kleijn, Peter Maunu, and Aaron Zarzutzki @ Beat Kitchen

Thursday, May 25 - 7:30pm @ FLAK Series at Intuit

Friday, May 19 - 7:30pm @ Comfort Station

Saturday, April 29 - 12pm performs Time With People @ Arts Club of Chicago, with design by Parsons & Charlesworth

Tuesday, April 4 - 9:30pm
with Dan Blacksberg @ Elastic Arts

Friday, March 3 - 9pm performs Time With People @ Oberlin, presented by the Oberlin Modern Music Guild

Sunday, February 26 - 8:30pm gives the U.S. premiere of Time With People, an opera by Tim Parkinson @ Constellation


Sunday, December 4 - 8:30pm performs music by Jürg Frey @ Constellation, opening for Dante Boon

Saturday, November 6 - 6pm
Trio with Alejandro Acierto and Emily Beisel @ Corner

Saturday, November 5 - 6:30pm presents two scenes from Tim Parkinson's Time With People @ High Concept Labs' Fall Open House

Thursday, October 20 - 7:30pm
Parlour Tapes+ presents distance from you & distance from each other, co-created with Deidre Huckabay and Sam Scranton @ Comfort Station

Sunday, October 9 - 5pm performs Michael Pisaro's festhalten/loslassen on the Ear Taxi Festival of New Music @ Claudia Cassidy Theater, Chicago Cultural Center

Saturday,  September 17 - 4am
Parlour Tapes+ presents Current Conditions, created by Andrew Tham and Jeff Kimmel for the 24-hour Neo-Futurist fundraiser CAN'T STOP//WON'T STOP @ Neo-Futurarium

Friday, August 26 - 9pm
w/ Joe Moffett, Andrew Clinkman, Aaron Zarzutzki @ Cafe Mustache

Thursday, August 25 - 9pm
Duo with Joe Moffett @ Elastic

Wednesday, August 10 - 9pm
with Peter Maunu, Matthew Oliphant, and Aaron Zarzutzki @ Splice Series at the Beat Kitchen

Sunday, July 24 - 12:15pm
Duo with Sam Scranton for Parlour Tapes+ at Neo-Futurist Kitchen @ Neo-Futurarium

Monday, July 11 - 7pm
Duo with Andrew Clinkman @ Option Series @ ESS

Sunday, June 26 - 8:30pm @ Constellation. Performing Morton Feldman's Bass Clarinet and Percussion and Earle Brown's Four Systems

Tuesday, April 5 - 9:30pm
Ratchet Series with Graham Stephenson, Albert Wildeman, and Aaron Zarzutzki @ Cafe Mustache

Sunday, March 13 - 8pm @ Elastic with cellist Deborah Walker

Thursday, February 25 - 8:30pm @ Constellation.  Part of the Frequency Festival, appearing with Mocrep


Sunday, December 20 - 8:30pm
Performing music for clarinets and electronics by Carl Testa @ Constellation

Saturday, November 7
Duo with Graham Stephenson @ the Annex

Sunday, October 4 and Monday, October 5 - 9:30pm
Frank Rosaly's ¡Todos de Pie! @ the California Clipper

Thursday, September 24 - 6pm
Opening reception for Jordan Martins' Tired Eyes at ESS

Thursday, September 17 - 9pm
Keefe Jackson's Likely So @ Elastic

Sunday, August 30 - 8:30pm performs music by Gerhard Stäbler and Kunsu Shim @ Constellation

Sunday, August 9 - 7pm
The Great Crush @ Cafe Mustache (with The Last Kind Words)

Wednesday, July 22 - 10:30pm
The Great Crush @ Honky Tonk

Monday, July 6 - 9pm
Duo with Anton Hatwich @ Elastic

Sunday, June 21 - 4pm
with @ MCA as part of Make Music Chicago
premiering M3m3 by Kenn Kumpf

Sunday, May 31 - 8:30pm
with @ Constellation
premieres by Nomi Epstein, Sarah Hughes, Ryoko Akama, and Tisha Mukarji

Friday, May 29 - 8pm
Saturday, May 30 - 8pm
Sunday, May 31 - 10pm
with Frank Rosaly's ¡Todos De Pie! @ the Owl

Wednesday, May 20 - 6pm
Orlando's Dream @ Second Presbyterian Church, Sounds of the South Loop series

Monday, May 11 - 7pm
with Katie Young, Daniel Wyche and Aaron Zarzutzki @ Constellation

Sunday, April 19 - 8:30pm
with the Morton Feldman Chamber Players @ Constellation
performing Ryan Packard's 100 Watt Tungsten Incandescent with guitarist Shawn Lucas

Friday, March 20 - 9pm
The Great Crush @ the California Clipper

Wednesday, February 11 - 9pm
The Great Crush @ the Bedford

Friday, February 7 - 8pm
Duo with Ryan Jewell @ House Concert. Contact me for info.

Saturday, January 31 - 7:30pm
Solo @ Bond Chapel, U of C. with solo sets by Alejandro Acierto and Odeya Nini. Presented by WHPK


Friday, December 12 - 9pm
with Brian Sulpizio @ Cafe Mustache

Friday, October 31 - 6pm
with Geoff Farina @ the Whistler

Saturday, September 20 - 8:30pm
with @ Constellation as part of the Chicago Wandelweiser Festival. Celebrating the release of more or less (New Focus Recordings), a CD of works by Jürg Frey.

Tuesday, August 5 - 9:30pm
The Great Crush @ the Whistler

Wednesday, July 2 - 8pm
with Peter Maunu, Albert Wildeman, Liliana Wosko @ Beat Kitchen

Thursday, June 26 - 8:30pm
with @ Constellation

Friday, June 6 - 10pm
The Great Crush @ the California Clipper

Thursday, May 8 - 9pm
The Great Crush @ the California Clipper

Wednesday, April 9 - 3:30 - Free
Orlando's Dream @ Selfhelp Home

Friday, April 4 - 7:30pm
Orlando's Dream, a clarinet consort, with Kurt Bjorling (basset horn) and Don Jacobs (clarinet), performing English and Italian consort music of the 16th and 17th centuries @ the Musical Offering

Thursday, April 3 - 9pm
with Guillermo Gregorio and Steve Marquette @ Elastic

Sunday, March 23 - 3pm - Free
The Great Crush (Marc Riordan, Geoff Farina, JK) performs @ ESS
Also, pianist Andy Costello performs Palais de Mari by Morton Feldman

Thursday, March 13 - 9pm
Trio Clarice (Carol Genetti, James Falzone, JK) @ Cafe Mustache

Monday, March 10 - 10pm
with Toby Summerfield, Tim Stine, Nick Broste, Keefe Jackson and Matt Lux @ Skylark

Wednesday, February 26 - 9pm
Mythic Birds @ the Empty Bottle

Sunday, January 26 - 10pm
Kimmel/Stine/Hatwich Trio @ the Hungry Brain


Saturday, December 7 - 9:30pm
Keefe Jackson's Likely So @ Constellation

Wednesday, December 4 - 9:30pm
Kimmel/Stine/Hatwich Trio @ Constellation

Wednesday, November 13 - 10pm
Fred Lonberg-Holm's Variable Variations @ the Hideout

Thursday, November 7 - 7:30pm
The Great Crush (Marc Riordan, Geoff Farina, JK) performs Scott Joplin @ the Comfort Station

Friday, October 25 - 9:30pm
Duo for bass clarinet and EEG Headset @ Elastic

Monday, October 21 - 8:30pm
with and special guest Michael Pisaro @ Constellation

Sunday, October 20 - 10pm
with Toby Summerfield and Jason Roebke @ Hungry Brain

Friday, October 18 - 8pm
performing Brian Harnetty's The Star-Faced One @ Wexner Center (Columbus, OH)

Tuesday, October 15 - 9:30pm
The Great Crush (Marc Riordan, Geoff Farina, Daniel Thatcher, JK) @ the Whistler

Saturday, October 12 - 9pm
with Daniel Fandiño, Marc Riordan and Graham Stephenson @ Heaven Gallery

Tuesday, October 8 - 10pm
Mythic Birds (Keefe Jackson, Brian Labycz, Jason Stein, JK) as part of the Over/Out Series @ Bar Deville

Saturday, September 21 - 8pm
with Jack Wright's Wrest @ Heaven Gallery

Sunday, September 15 - 8:30pm
performing Fred Lonberg-Holm's Variable Variations @ Constellation

Thursday, September 12 - 9pm
with Marc Riordan and Graham Stephenson @ Cafe Mustache

Friday, August 16 - 9:30pm
Duos with Anton Hatwich @ Studio 914

Sunday, July 14 - 3pm
Performing Trace with Trio Clarice (Carol Genetti, James Falzone, JK) @ MCA Chicago. More info here.

Wednesday, July 3 - 10pm
with Dana Jessen, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Mike Reed @ the Hideout. Dana opens with a solo set.

Sunday, June 30 - 10pm
with Keefe Jackson's Likely So, featuring Keefe Jackson, Guillermo Gregorio, Nick Mazzarella, Dave Rempis, Jason Stein and Mars Williams @ the Hungry Brain

Sunday, June 9 - 8:30pm
with ensemble @ Constellation

Thursday, June 6 - 7:30pm
Orlando's Dream, a clarinet consort, with Kurt Bjorling (basset horn) and Don Jacobs (clarinet), performing English and Italian consort music of the 16th and 17th centuries @ the Comfort Station

Thursday, May 23 - 9pm
with Chris Riggs and Michael Zerang @ Elastic Arts

Monday, May 13 - 7:30pm
Performing as part of collision_theory with Tomeka Reid, Devin Hoff and Sam Scranton @ Constellation

Wednesday, May 1 - 10pm
Mythic Birds (Keefe Jackson, Jason Stein, JK - bass clarinets; Brian Labycz - modular synth) @ the Hideout. Brian Labycz opens with a solo set.

Sunday, April 21 - 7:30pm
with ensemble @ Elastic Arts
Performing music by Pauline Oliveros, Jürg Frey, Kenn Kumpf and others.

Sunday, March 3 - 10pm
with Guillermo Gregorio (clarinets) @ the Hungry Brain

Wednesday, February 13 - 10pm

with James Falzone and Carol Genetti @ the Hideout

Sunday, Januray 20 - 9:30pm
with The Great Crush (Marc Riordan - piano, Daniel Thatcher - bass) and special guest Geoff Farina (guitar). Performing music by Scott Joplin and James Scott @ the Whistler

Saturday, January 5 - 9pm
with David Moré and Jacob Wick @ Heaven Gallery